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ALL IN offers support to players and coaches year-round. We enter partnerships that we feel will benefit our players, coaches and families when in and out of season. It is our hope that you take advantage of our extensive resources to make the most of your experience playing or coaching with ALL IN.




ALL IN is 1 of 18 Jr. NBA Flagship Network programs nationwide. The Jr. NBA Flagship Network is comprised of a very select group of best-in-class youth basketball organizations that share the Jr. NBA’s vision for how the game should be taught and played at the grassroots level, and have committed to pursuing the highest standard of operation in the industry.

Highlight films are resumes for potential student-athletes. Tag @aiathletics in highlight videos so we can repost them. We have nearly 8,000 followers across all social media platforms, including hundreds of college coaches and scouting services. Here are a few tips for sending and/or posting your highlight films:

  • Refrain from using explicit background music.
  • Include full name, class, height, high school, AAU program, coaches names & social media handles.
  • Include jersey # & color of jersey.
  • Have full games available and ready to send.
  • Video of teacher(s), teammate(s), coach(es) and/or administrator(s) vouching for your character & work ethic.
  • Limit the slow motion walking around and lay-up line highlights.
  • Have test scores & GPA ready to share.
  • If you are sending the highlight video to a coach, personalize the email with the college coach's name (i.e. Good Afternoon Coach Thomas,).

Complete your ALL IN Player Profile. This form was created for players that are interested in playing college basketball. Please complete the information to your best ability. Our coaches and staff will use this form to assist in the college recruiting process for ALL IN players that want to continue at the next level. Please click here to complete your form.

For all players participating on a spring/summer high school team. In order to participate in certified events this season where college coaches are allowed to be in attendance, all athletes must register on the NCAA BBCS website. You can visit to complete your player registration.

Each athlete is required to have a valid NCAA Eligibility Center (EC) account before registering with the BBCS; so, the My Eligibility Center Information section has been added. If the athlete does not already have an EC account, the Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG) suggests that you choose Division III or Undecided when registering with the EC to avoid having to pay (It's FREE!). This account can be upgraded later if it is necessary to enroll the athlete at a Division I or II institution.

ALL IN Athletics is proud to announce a new partnership with Affiliates in Counseling. We are committed to providing the best services to our community. With adding AIC to our team, we believe that our athletes, coaches, and families will develop peak performance, on and off the court. AIC will be able to provide mental health professionals to assist in meeting our goal of prioritizing full development for all those involved with ALL IN. Our youth needs us now more than ever, with the added stresses that COVID-19 put on student athletes with remote learning and shortened or non-existent school sports seasons. We understand the pressures that our athletes experience, in and out of the gym, and AIC is now here to help provide the help our athletes deserve.

We will be working closely with therapists under the guidance of Jason Price and Andrew Rosenbloom. 

Jason Price: Jason is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Performance Coach, and Co-Director of Affiliates in Counseling. Jason has a specialty in working with adolescents, especially teenage boys who are often resistant to therapy. Jason provides performance coaching for athletes in various levels of competition.  Blending his competitive golfing history with his passion for psychology, Jason has helped athletes achieve success at both the amateur and professional levels.  Jason is skilled at helping athletes stay positive, develop a deeper level of focus, and build the mental skills necessary to excel at their
chosen sport.

Andrew Rosenbloom: Andrew is a licensed clinical psychologist and performance coach, specializing in working with adolescents. He works with amateur athletes struggling with confidence, frustration tolerance, perfectionism, and performance anxiety. Andrew coached travel, feeder, and AAU basketball for ten years. He taught sport psychology courses at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He has provided seminars to parents and coaches, focusing on character development of youth athletes.

Please visit for more information.


StudyPoint Tutoring is a leader in online tutoring and have completed almost a half a million hours of online tutoring since 2010.  They have experienced online tutors in academic subjects, including college-level courses, as well as college essay coaches and test prep tutors. 

ALL IN has partnered with StudyPoint to help our student-athletes thrive off the court as much as they do on the court. All participants will receive 10% off any StudyPoint services throughout the year. 

Please visit or contact John Fahey for more information at or 847-235-3212.

ALL IN is very excited to partner with Honest Game, the industry-leading academic compliance software solution that empowers student-athletes with the expertise and confidence needed to navigate NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility. ALL IN student-athletes will receive an individualized College Athletic Report on Eligibility (CARE®), which provides athletes with a personalized report based off their school transcripts to track their current NCAA/NAIA academic eligibility status and provide a clear pathway to eligibility with class recommendations and NCAA GPA calculator. Honest Game harnesses a player’s passion for sports to fuel their motivation for learning. Please click here to view their website: Honest Game. If you have any questions about the partnership please don't hesitate to contact: Jacqueline Blackwood at or 312-300-3886.


NCSA is currently the largest NCAA Compliant recruiting network in the world, where over 44,000 college coaches currently go to identify and pre-evaluate student-athletes. This is a great opportunity to help us continue our track record of placing players in college, and we highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.

Every ALL IN player has the opportunity to setup a FREE profile. All boys and girls that play on a spring/summer team with ALL IN will receive the All-Star Premium package as part of their team fee. We encourage all high school players that are interested in playing in college to at least setup a free profile to begin connecting with coaches.

ALL IN high school families will be emailed NCSA details, as this special is only included for current participants.


During the spring season, as part of our partnership with the Jr. NBA Flagship Network, all parents of ALL IN travel team players will be offered a Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Parent Workshop at no cost. Parents impact their children’s lives like no other people can…in sports as in every other aspect. Parents do best by their children when focusing on sports as a developmental opportunity, rather than a do-or-die, win-at-all-cost proposition. A positive parent is a Second-Goal Parent®, who focuses on that Second Goal, the life lessons. Unconditional love for their children regardless of athletic performance and a relentless commitment to helping them process the ups and downs of youth sports marks the positive sports parent.

At the conclusion of every season, your child's ALL IN coach will deliver a feedback report utilizing our player evaluation software, TeamGenius. We believe in the ongoing value of offering feedback each season for continuous development.


ALL IN helps coaches throughout the year by offering access to continuing education opportunities and preparing them for the upcoming season by completing necessary certifications. If you are interested in joining the ALL IN email list for coaching resources, please click here.