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ALL IN Athletics would like to recognize our student-athletes whose effort, desire, sacrifice and contribution has made a difference to their team, coaches and teammates throughout the week. Unlike most recognition awards these nominations represent much more than just personal achievement on the court. Great teams have players willing to take on new roles and support others for the greater good.

By receiving this award, the player has demonstrated great character, leads by example, has a willingness to put others first, made sacrifices or other valuable contributions to the success of their team that which is not always recognized.

The Player of the Week nominations come directly from coaches, staff, players and parents in the program.

Do you know of a player that is deserving of the Player of the Week award? Please click here to nominate a player.


The Coach of the Month Award honors a coach who has been successful on or off the court, and exemplifies the characteristics of a strong role model: resilient, innovative, passionate, authentic, selfless and inspiring.

This award is intended to recognize members who are coaching for character, using the basketball court to teach life lessons. It is an opportunity to recognize excellence and the chance to share stories of how coaches are making an impact within their teams well beyond their records of wins and losses.

The Coach of the Month nominations come directly from parents, players and coaches in the program.

Do you know of a coach that is deserving of the Coach of the Month award? Please click here to nominate a coach.